Pat Kennedy Volunteer Award – 2017 – Laura & Greg Eckert

Always the first to donate their time to the Democratic cause, Greg and Laura Eckert are the kind of political activists and contributors to the Democratic Party one may miss if not intimately involved with the Party. The Eckerts are willing to do virtually everything asked of them except put themselves in a position where they will get a lot of attention. They work tirelessly on the tedious jobs many disdain but which are vital to the ability of the Party and individual candidates to be successful. They will fill in to make coffee early in the morning; clean facilities; set up and tear down for events; walk door to door; stuff envelopes; essentially any job that needs to be done! As a result of the work they do, the Party can function. The Eckerts represent the backbone of the Democratic Party and every organization needs dedicated volunteers like Laura and Greg. The Party is fortunate we have Laura and Greg on our side, working to assist the region goes blue. Thank you, Laura and Greg, for your continued dedication to our Party and our candidates!

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